"un suicida siempre pide ayuda, lo malo es que sus gritos son silenciosos"

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"Eres a la única persona que desearía tener a mi lado en éste momento."

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"Aunque usted no lo crea, ahora me conformaría con uno, uno solo de sus besos."

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Ya leíste esto. No hay vuelta atrás. Pide un deseo. Hazlo con todas tus fuerzas y rebloguea. Se cumplirá.

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Hi! 4 months clean from self harm


And I’m better than ever!
I just gonna tell you that you can overcomes this!
Don’t let knife-edge win, YOU HAVE TO WIN THIS BATTLE AND YOU CAN!

Don’t give up! And Stay Strong!
I love you all ❤️

Self Harm: No More Tears / No más lagrimas



Chapter 1

I was crying desperately in my piece, pulled over the bed, not knowing what to do, the only thing i was thinking about the bad things that i had passed. “Because the whole world strip me shit! OR Don’t they know that I am also a human being! I kept my feelings! There are…